Jul 20 2013

Environmental Defence–Inspiring Change

Environmental Defence

Dear Barbara,
Yesterday, I stood beside Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli as he launched a new vision to put conservation first when planning to meet the province’s energy needs. This means that Ontario will assess how to reduce our energy demand as much as possible, before spending to build new generation capacity like nuclear and gas plants.
Save before you spend. We think that’s a bright idea.

Putting conservation first is the best choice for our climate, our air and our pocketbooks. And that’s why we applauded the move.
It might sound like just common sense. Shouldn’t we be putting conservation first already? The reality is Ontario would be the first province to flip energy planning on its head in this way. And it would position Ontario among U.S. states, like California and Massachusetts, which are leading on energy conservation.
Energy conservation is by far the cheapest way to reduce global warming pollution, and it can help cut smog on some of our worst air quality days.
Energy conservation also helps people and businesses spend less on their energy bills. For every dollar invested in energy conservation, three dollars are saved. Not a bad return. The money saved gets spent elsewhere in the economy, helping spur jobs and revenue. And the jobs that are created are inherently local – tradespeople, contractors, energy auditors.
The conservation first vision put forward yesterday will be a welcome paradigm shift in how we plan to meet our energy needs. Our climate, our air, our economy and our wallets would benefit.
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You can read the government’s new conservation white paper here.
Over the summer, the public will be asked for input on the future of Ontario’s energy system, including how to put conservation first. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how you can make your voice heard.
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Gillian McEachern
Campaigns Director
Environmental Defence


Jul 20 2013

Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport

David Suzuki Foundation

Tell the Prime Minister: Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport

Photo: EstriePlusJournal

Like all Canadians, we at the David Suzuki Foundation were shocked and saddened by the recent tragedy in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. We send our sincerest wishes of comfort and safety to the victims and their families, and we are determined to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.

Please join us in telling Prime Minister Stephen Harper that we will not tolerate compromising the safety of our communities and environment in the name of oil transport.

Transporting oil by rail and pipeline poses enormous risks for local communities. We want a thorough review of oil transportation regulations and diligent consultation with all affected communities.

Endangering human lives, communities and nature for the sake of transporting oil is simply unacceptable. Please join us in ensuring that such a tragedy never occurs again.

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Jul 01 2013

Needed:A People-Centred Government

July 01 2013

The federal government’s neoliberal faith says that if we give corporations more political power, a lower tax rate, and whatever they lobby for, all will benefit. Does this include the corporations that sent our jobs to China, those that hired Temporary Foreign Workers, those that fatten up our children on junk food, those that pay their CEOs millions & their workers peanuts, those in Canada that sit on $584 billion, or those that smooth talk us into more credit card use & debt?


Council of Canadians Brockville Chapter. Canadians@ripnet.com


Jun 01 2013

Economic & Democratic Decline

Date: Jun-2013

Economic & Democratic Decline

Day by day trade agreements move power from the people to the corporations, pensions & benefits disappear, unions are attacked, competition undercuts smaller companies, health care & social programs are being privatized, government self-praise TV ads are paid for with our money, austerity rules, income gaps widen, man-made global warming is denied, etc. It’s called neoliberalism. It has been the ideology of our federal governments for 30 years & is worse now than ever. Neoliberalism is killing us.

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