Jul 20 2013

Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport

David Suzuki Foundation

Tell the Prime Minister: Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport

Photo: EstriePlusJournal

Like all Canadians, we at the David Suzuki Foundation were shocked and saddened by the recent tragedy in Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec. We send our sincerest wishes of comfort and safety to the victims and their families, and we are determined to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.

Please join us in telling Prime Minister Stephen Harper that we will not tolerate compromising the safety of our communities and environment in the name of oil transport.

Transporting oil by rail and pipeline poses enormous risks for local communities. We want a thorough review of oil transportation regulations and diligent consultation with all affected communities.

Endangering human lives, communities and nature for the sake of transporting oil is simply unacceptable. Please join us in ensuring that such a tragedy never occurs again.

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